Celebrate 10 Years of Giving

This year, we celebrate 10 years of service to the Michigan tourism industry. Without the contributions of our volunteers and donors, we could not have done the valuable work we do each year. We thank you and look forward to the next ten years!


Join the hundreds of industry professionals and supporters who make a difference.
Become a tourism influencer.

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Positively contribute to tourism and become part of the change.
Make a difference in your community and contribute to Michigan's tourism legacy.

Our Work

Restoration Events, Michigan Giving Magazine and the Talk About Tourism blog.
100% volunteer, 100% give-back events and publications.
Our Work
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Michigan Cares for Tourism is a 100% volunteer, 100% give-back partnership where tourism professionals come together to help restore Michigan’s historic, cultural and natural attractions, learn about a Michigan tourism destination, and network across our industry segments to ultimately enhance the visitor experience, and be more engaged professionals.

Together in September 2019, more than 50 donor organizations and 300 volunteers successfully completed 24 clean-up and restoration projects at Leelanau State Park / Grand Traverse Lighthouse. Read more about our 2019 event.

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