About Us

Michigan Cares for Tourism invests in Michigan’s most valued tourism treasures…our people and our historic, cultural, and natural attractions.

Until now there has not been a unified, statewide effort to “give back” to the tourism industry and preserve and invest in our most sacred treasures…our people and our historic, cultural, and natural attractions. In partnership with Grand Valley State University, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Tourism Cares, Travel Michigan and Indian Trails, Michigan Cares for Tourism is a volunteer-based program that coordinates an annual clean-up event at a Michigan tourism treasure that is in need of our support.

Tourism industry professionals will participate in the clean-up effort and contribute to the site by volunteering their time and talents helping to restore and preserve it. Donors will provide the resources needed for the event and for restoration efforts. All efforts are 100% volunteer, 100% give back, with all proceeds solely designed to contribute to our goals.

Michigan Cares is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Join Our Team

When you become part of our team, you become part of our family. Over the last eight years, over 81% of our volunteers and donors return for another MC4T project in the following years. We work hard at our restoration projects and spend an afternoon getting to know the tourist destination and other tourism professionals.

Sustainable Practices

During our projects, we adopt the basic principles of “Leave No Trace.” We partner with local vendors and Schupan Sustainability to provide recycling, donation and composting services at our multi-day event. Over the last three years, we have achieved a 75% waste diversion rate.

In 2019, we started a tree planting program. In partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, we plant trees at our restoration location to help sequester our carbon footprint, provide additional canopy coverage for the location and aid in the reforestation.

Giving Back

Since our inception in 2013, we have provided over $1.1 million in labor, equipment and supplies restoration projects throughout Michigan.

Over 4,500 tourism industry volunteers have provided labor our 54 initiatives through the State of Michigan. 

Michigan Cares for Tourism is a 100% volunteer, 100% give back organization with the board of directors providing leadership in planning, organizing and implementing all events.

Nationally Recognized

Michigan Cares for Tourism has been fortunate to be recognized within Michigan and nationally:

  • 2018 Pure Award – The Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism
  • 2018 Emerging Community Initiative Engagement Award – Grand Valley State University College of Community and Public Service
  • 2016 President’s Award – National Association of State Park Directors 
  • 2016 Innovative Tourism Collaboration Award – The Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism 
  • 2014 Partners in Conservation Award – Michigan Department of Natural Resources