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Join the hundreds of professionals and volunteers who make an impact on Michigan’s tourism industry. Come collaborate, create and make a positive impact on a local Michigan community.

Our 2020 Volunteer Event: Adopt-A-Forest

Volunteer With Michigan Cares

Join us September 4-22 for our virtual and socially distant Adopt-a-Forest event. Register for the event. Sign up for the state forest sites you will be cleaning. Receive your swag bag. Make a difference.

2020 Adopt-a-Forest information


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From Our Volunteers

"Volunteering with Michigan Cares for Tourism changed my life. Not only am I making a difference in a community that is new to me but I have a sense of empowerment when I am finished working on the project. I think everyone should that has the chance to help and give back. It will be one of best things that you ever did."​
2015 Volunteer
"First of all the team work was amazing, the amount of volunteers and the work completed. Beautiful location and the sense of pride when completed!"
2018 Volunteer
"Michigan Cares for Tourism is an amazing example of collaboration and determination that portrays the spirit of Michigan tourism professionals."​
2018 Volunteer

Our Events

Operating 2-4 events annually throughout Michigan, we have two marquee events: our annual multi-day event taking place each September and our conference based events taking place in conjunction with the Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism.