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Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau

By Aubrey Sochacki

Lansing is often known for being the capital of Michigan, the home of the Spartans, and a growing community. The city strives to be supportive of all members of the community, including local businesses and those who call the city home.

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) encourages each of their staff members to serve on local boards and committees. Through this encouragement, they have made it possible for CVB members to work with these boards and committees to organize local events. One of the events that many staff members help with is planting flowers on the capital lawn each year. This event brings the community together and helps promote Lansing as a tourist destination.

One of the major initiatives that the Greater Lansing CVB is working on is promoting attractions with sensory activities for individuals with disabilities. At these sensory attractions, the CVB provides each volunteer with training to help them provide better services for individuals with disabilities. Each attraction has a CVB staff member that works directly with it, in order to best serve the community. 

Another part of this initiative is Lansing’s annual event, “Be a Tourist in Your Own Town.” This event started 25 years ago and has created a way for community members to interact with over 100 attractions. This event “opens” the community each year and encourages Lansing citizens and others to visit the area and support the state’s capital.

Lansing is not just the home of Michigan’s government; it is also home to an inclusive community.

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